Are You Stalking Me?

It's okay. I'm into that. Just keep it about business. Or anything else.
Cheers to you new friends!

The Who: I am a mid to late 20's (what is the age cutoff for mid 20s?) consultant living in Seattle. I specialize in combining marketing data analytics, advanced sales strategy created to scale vertical industries, and an extensive knowledge of sales and marketing SaaS. I consult with companies and get to understand their staff, culture, and best practices. I then create sales campaigns utilizing growth acceleration software tailored to my client to drastically improve their sales strategy and quickly exploit markets.

My Favorite Drink: If I am in a professional setting I prefer a very lightly dirty vodka martini. Belvedere or Chopin preferrably. Or Hendricks with a twist. Or an old fashioned with Blantons. Or a beer. Basically just alcohol.

My Keys to Success: Surrounding yourself with a knowledgeable team who can do the work that drains you. I am honest with myself and my team about what work I enjoy and what work I don't. We delegate roles so that everyone is working on what makes them feel most accomplished and productive, and the results speak for themselves.

My History: I am proud to have worked with some of the best companies in the USA, Canada, Spain, and Scotland. I have spent several years working for software companies helping them open new markets before I began consulting. As a serial entrepreneur with three companies founded and dozens of companies trusting my sales strategy, I am always looking to establish new relationships and work with growing companies.